Linda has been actively creating sculpture for 30 years. The magnetic attraction of this three-dimensional art form is in experimenting with different sculptural media, which can produce both interesting results and a new strength in her work. read more about Linda below.

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The Rose
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America is Freedom
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Paradox aka
Hard Headed Woman
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Xochitl (Soshitl)
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An Orchid
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 Han Wa
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More on Linda...

Some examples of different sculptural media are :

- Portland cement or Unical, both of which can be handled similar to clay
- Bondo (used in car repair) to create permanent outdoor figerative work
- Mass cast resins to create completely transparent figurative abstractions

The most exciting attraction to her is the personal growth coming from the problem solving which arises with SIZE. The unknowns while working on a 12-inch tall piece are multiplied accordingly when creating a double or triple life-size figure.

Linda has learned throuh her years of being a sculptor that every piece begun is a new and challenging experience.

Linda began teaching figurative sculpture and mold making with her husband, David, at Cal. State University Northridge from 1980 through 2000.

The three-dimensional work also moved into architecture when she was asked to join the Interior Design Program at the University of California Santa Barbara, where she taught Architectural Bas-Relief for nine years.

The classes she teaches at Crystal Hawk Studio in Ventura, California began in 1988 and remain ongoing. These classes offer both portraiture and figurative sculpture in various media including water and oil-base clay, Super Sculpy, and the method of parging with Unical (which for indoor use can be used for architectural bas-relief and highly figurative sculpture).

*See below for class schedule. Classes with Linda are also offered twice yearly (January & September) through Focus on the Masters (FOTM) in Ventura.

"I will continue to teach until I no longer need to learn."

*Crystal Hawk Studio Class Schedule

Thursdays 9:30a - 1:30p - $25.00 per session
Saturdays 9:00a - 1:00p - $25.00 per session
Private - Days only - individually scheduled $25.00 per hour

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